Let's plan a wedding!

Wedding photos are a wonderful way to capture the memories from your day and it is incredibly important to find a photographer that fits your style and plans. The photos we create make perfect thank you cards, beautiful wall art, and lovely photo coffee table books. That said.... weddings are expensive.

My wedding packages are very flexible and can be customized to fit any needs. I do not include prices below, and would rather you contact me due to the rapidly changing costs of travel and expenses. Before you email, have a look at the various parts offered. Then we build a price plan based on the pieces that you are interested in.

Regardless of what options you select, your photos end up in a digital gallery that is all your own to share and download. If you want physical prints, those are NOT included in the cost of your package and are negotiated separately.

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You're Engaged!

Whether it is a surprise proposal, or a hey we got engaged announcement shoot, we can make it happen!

If you end up using me as your wedding photographer as well, a portion of your engagement shoot is discounted from the wedding cost.


Rings 'n Things

This is included as part of the "Girls Getting Ready" package. Typically while the makeup and hair are getting done, I sneak out with the dress, shoes, rings, flowers etc. to capture some keepsake shots of those items. Be sure to have an invitation there, too, as well as any of those sentimental items that you want included.

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Girls Getting Ready    

Makeup, dresses, flower girls.... helping the bride into the dress....  all the girl giggles and bubbly! This includes the detail shots of rings and such if desired. 


Boys Getting Ready

Provided the 2 groups 'getting ready' are in the same building (or very close) I can shoot both. If, however, I have to drive to get from one to the other, this requires a second shooter (which adds to the expense). 

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First Look

Many couples are opting for a first look moment before the ceremony to give them a private moment before they share their vows. I include this as part of the cost of the ceremony.


The Ceremony!

The most important part! I will run around (quietly and within allowed limits) taking as many shots as possible of your moment. If I don't have a second shooter, I set up a second camera remotely to catch some shots that I can't get to.  For some couples, this is the only part they want to be photographed, and that is OKAY! Don't be afraid to tell me - hey would you just come shoot the ceremony?

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Family Photos

Within reason, these are included with your ceremony, provided they happen at that same location and we can just rattle through them.  These do NOT take long since everyone is already there.


Portraits (Just the Couple)

These can happen before or after the ceremony depending on what makes sense for your plans. Ideally, we would go to a couple of nearby locations to shoot some intimate portraits of the 2 of you. If there is a lot of distance involved, or many locations, there may be extra cost beyond the usual portrait add on.

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This varies SO much from wedding to wedding and bride to bride...

Will you have a meal? (If you do, PLEASE let me eat, too!)  

Are you having toasts? Are you cutting the cake now or later? Throwing the garter? First dance? I will stay as long as you wish, but this part is billed by the hour!


Specialty Shots

Dang you Pinterest!!  Just kidding!

If you have an idea of a shot or 2 that we need to work to create (like a sparkler shot) please include me in the planning. For instance, that magic sparkler exit only works if you buy the right slow/long burning sparklers. That power pole you want your mother-in-law to take a photo of you climbing with your bride... requires a ladder and some practice runs to find the right location. But I'm game to try, as long as everyone involved understands that not everything is possible.

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Destination Weddings

Yes!!!  While I've only done one, I'm more than willing to come along and see some sun! Companies like Sunwing offer special allowances for you to bring your own photographer on your destination wedding, such as extra allowed baggage on the flight. This is crucial since it makes it possible to bring the necessary equipment to capture your entire experience. If you have any crazy idea to run by me, just let me know.


With the ever-increasing cost of gasoline, travel to weddings is climbing daily. Expect to pay fair mileage as well as hotel as required as part of your package. 

** Insurance - I do carry liability insurance as part of my business plan, in the event that something goes dreadfully wrong (no, I don't anticipate such things, but I have been asked about this in the past!).